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Are you an Active Project Contributor for OpenStack? Have you made a contribution to any of the OpenStack projects lately? Well, check your email if you have! Chances are your vote is awaiting.

While the next OpenStack release, Grizzly, will be out there as the latest stable branch next April 4th, OpenStack officially announced, by the beginning of March, the PTL and Technical Committee Election period, which means that all current project's leaderships will be replaced (or renewed), for the upcoming development cycle and following release, Havana.

So, the first week was time for nominations: all contributors who wanted to run for a Project Technical Leadership needed to send an email to the development mailing list and present themselves and their candidacy. Certainly the idea is that, even when anyone could propose him/herself as a candidate, contributors with a considering involvement with the project and the team are the ones expected to have the best chances to be elected.

These are all our projects' candidates:

- Russel Bryant
- Michael Still
- Henry Nash
- Dolph Matthews
- Eoghan Glynn
- Julien Danjou
The following remaining projects only got one nominee, so they became Havana PTLs automatically:

Cinder >> John Griffith
Glance >> Mark Washenberger
Heat >> Steven Dake
Horizon >> Gabriel Hurley
Oslo >> Mark McLoughlin
Quantum >> Marck McClain
Swift >> John Dickenson
To be eligible to vote you need to be an OpenStack member with a tangible contribution made during the current cycle. You should then receive an email (one per each project you contributed to) providing you with a personal link to submit your decision.

I had completely forgotten about it, but apparently I made a contribution to Nova and Keystone (possibly some fix for the docs section), so it is very possible that some other new contributor is not aware of this or simply forgot too.

If you're sure you contributed to any project (not just reviewed something), but did not received any emails, get in touch with the Infrastructure team guys at #openstack-infra, they'll certainly help you out.
Polls will end today at 23:59 PST, so there are still a few hours left, results will surely be ready soon after that. Not too late, go check your mail!

Update March 15th:  Yay! Results are ready, this is the message sent by Monty Taylor, who was managing the polls:

"The PTL elections for the Havana cycle have completed. The new PTL's are:

Nova: Russell Bryant
Ceilometer: Julien Danjou
Keystone: Dolph Matthews


As a side note, we had over 50% participation in each of the three
elections, which I have been told is actually a really good turnout."

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